Rum tasting online in COVID times

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Rum tasting online in COVID times


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A year living with restrictions is a fact, resulting in no more live rum tastings, not what we had planned at Rum4Me.  But we reinvented us and started with a full offering of online tasting. 

What started as a trial ended up a great success and although we miss the live get-togethers, it can be fun and a good alternative to get a team together. 

Recently we had two companies organising their virtual team event with a rum tasting. A selection of fine rums, closing with a special created signature cocktail concludes 2 hours of interesting and fun facts on rum, while enjoying each other company. 

Our expertise with online meetings has seriously increased; using Google meet, Zoom and Teams as the main meeting platform enriched with an online polling platform, provides a nice mix of chat, video interaction and even bonding.

A great side effect, no one had to drive, so the six times 2cl of average 45% ABV of divine spirits can be enjoyed without worries.  Moreover the spouses could enjoy a sip, which would never be the case if this would have been a corporate event. 

No COVID hassle like keeping distance and wearing masks just a great time with friends and colleagues.  

Would you like your team to have a great time out, contact us now.