Rum4Dad Premium rum from Venezuela

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This rum is distilled and matured in Venezuela, and of exceptional  high quality. It is a smooth, rounded and sweet rum with flavours of vanilla, caramel, burnt sugar and spices. Perfect to enjoy neat or with a good cup of coffee or a piece of dark chocolate, which pairs really well with this rum. 

 After aging a couple of years in ex bourbon cask, extra cane sugar was added  (19,5g/L) to enable some of the flavours like caramel and burnt sugar to be more pronounced and gives this rum its rounded pallet and makes it a pleasure to sip. Typically Venezuelan rum tends to add more sugar but the new EU regulation does not allow higher sugar content to be added and still be called  ”RUM”. We at Rum4me believe the reduced sugar content is an improvement  allowing a more balanced taste.

Venezuela has a tropical climate, which means that the maturation of the rum goes a lot faster  than in a European climate. Not only does the high heat help the ripening process, it also increases the evaporation of the rum. More than 8% of the barrels' contents evaporate each year, this is what is called  ”Angel Share”, and the tropical angels are very thirsty. If you ever have the opportunity to visit a warehouse where rum is maturing,  you’ll  experience why such a warehouse smells incredibly good. Important however, distillery workers are not allowed to stay in the warehouse for more than 30 minutes at a time, as the alcohol fumes can make you drunk.

If you like a good easy to drink  rum, this Venezuelean gem will not disappoint you