Rum4Dad- Premium Barbados rum

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From the Caribbean tropical island of Barbados known for its excellent rums  we bring you an unique bold  rum blend with plenty of body. Although a bit funky this gem is smooth and easy drinking , offering a rich flavour profile of dark chocolate, tropical fruit, citrus, coconut and muscovado sugar. 

Barbados is one of the most renowned rum-producing islands in the Caribbean, and is home to a total of four very different distilleries. Common to them all, however, is the highly recognisable note of coconut, which catapults you in one shot to the warm, sunny sandy beaches with beautiful blue water and exotic palm trees. 

This blend is composed of different tropically matured rums from the island's most eastern  distillery and most iconic distillery known for its excellent rums  wanted by all Rum aficionados. In the rum you will find both pot still rum and continuously distilled rum. The combination of the two types is a classic feature of Barbados rum, and is one of the main reasons why the rum from this particular island is so rich in flavour. The result of blending various barrels of different maturation age and distilled bathes is an exceptionally well balanced easy drinking rum. 

You won't be disappointed with this unique Barbados blend. An exceptional rum worthy of its origin!