Ron Quorhum 30 Aniversario Cask Strength 50%

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Have you ever wondered how Ron Quorhum 30 Aniversario would taste at cask strength? You don't have to worry about that anymore, because now Oliver & Oliver has launched Ron Quorhum 30 Aniversario Cask Strength - the first official rum from Oliver & Oliver over 43% alcohol!

In this edition of Ron Quorhum 30 Aniversario, no water has been added after the maturation, resulting in 10% more alcohol than the normal bottling which is bottled at 40% alcohol. There is more alcohol in this bottling, but it also means more flavor in the rum, which will not only be deeper, but also more complex than the original Quorhum 30 Aniversario. You get an explosion of cream caramel, honey, orange peel, oak and coffee as well as a huge and long aftertaste. Ron Quorhum 30 Aniversario Cask Strength is the natural go-to-rum for anyone who loves Ron Quorhum 30 Aniversario at 40%.

More alcohol. More flavor. More Quorhum!


Producer: Oliver & Oliver Rums

Origin: Carribean

Contents: 700 ml

ABV:  50%

Age: 30 years