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This rum comes from Panama in Central America, a country that traditionally makes continuously distilled rum from sugar cane molasses, and this rum is no exception. The rum is distilled from local sugar cane, and is further matured in barrels of American Oak that previously held Bourbon. 

It is a classic Spanish-style rum produced at the Varela Hermanos Rum Distillery. The largest sugar cane spirits producer and bottler in Panama, which started operations in  1908 when  Don José Varela Blanco founded the first sugar mill in Panama. The sugar cane juice is pressed from hand-cut cane  which is not burned before it is harvested, guaranteeing the quality of the cane juice 

Classic for its style, the rum is characterised by the barrels in which it has matured. Over the years, maturing  in the tropical heat the rum has developed a deep and dark colour  with flavours of wood with dried fruit, caramelized sugar, vanilla, raisins and wood.

A warm and welcoming luxury rum that most will enjoy.


Origin: Panama

Distillery: Varela Hermanos Rum Distillery

Distillation: Continuously distilled rum

Maturation: Up to 6 years old

Barrels: Ex-bourbon barrels of American oak

Alcohol: 40%

Sugar content: 19,5 gr/L

Ester content: 42,2 g/hLAA

Total congeners: 119 g/hLAA

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