Ron Quorhum 30 Anõs Solera

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Ron Quorhum is a modern premium rum series, celebrated as innovative, but rooted in ancient Cuban rum traditions. In this series of rum, both rum distilled on a base of sugar cane juice and molasses have been used. In addition, two types of oak have also been used during the aging process, including American oak and French oak. One can say that the Spanish rum tradition meets the French and has created a hybrid, with an unmatched fullness and complexity.

Scent of dark brown sugar, vanilla and citrus fruit. This rum is the essence of a great rum, soft, round and bold. The flavor combines cream caramel and honeydew with orange peel, sugar cane juice, oak cask and coffee notes. The taste impressions combine in a harmonious combination, where each one is allowed to step forward without dominating.

Sit back and enjoy this limousine of a rum. Maybe the world's best rum.


Producer: Oliver & Oliver Rums

Origin: Carribean

Contents: 700 ml

ABV:  40%

Age: 30 years