Alta Gama series 1 Tasting kit

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If you enjoy a quality British style rum, you'll definitely appreciate this unique selection of 4 rums; an elegant blend produced by the Guyana  renowned Diamond Distilleries . This molasse based rum  produced in the 3 famous stills  Uitvlught, Port Mourant, and  the original Coffey still from Enmore has matured in Guyana in oak barrels ranging from 5 to 15 years old.

 The only difference  between them is the amount of added sugar

  • Alta Gama Brut Nature (20ml) - No added sugar
  • Alta Gama Extra-Sec (20ml) 15g added sugar
  • Alta Gama Sec (20ml)  25g added sugar
  • Alta Gama Demi-Sec (20ml) - 35g added sugar

 The effect is remarkable and sheds a complete different light on the rather controversial topic of sugar addition into rum.

 As a benefit you'll discover your favorite rum of the Alta Gama Series 1 and learn about its history, production  and even some food pairing tips.