Rum Masterclass 101

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A first introduction into the world of rum with a nice selection of premium rums.

Discover how rum is made, its history and learn about the different styles in an online tasting session.  The masterclass goes more in detail on the maturisation of rum, and the effect of sugar addition, in light with the new European legislation.

The kit includes 5 different rums:

  • Alta Gama Brut Nature  a British style Premium rum, winner of the golden medaille on the Berliner 2019 Rum festival
  • Alta Gama Sec  a  British Style Premium rum, winner of the bronze medaille on the Berliner 2019 Rum festival
  • Quorhum 12 year Solera - a premium Spanish style Solera Rum
  • Quorhum 30 Aniversario - a Premium  Spanish style Solera Rum
  • Quorhum 30 Oporto Finnish - a Premium Spanish style Solera Rum

As round up of the tasting we have a added a cocktailmix which allows us to prepare a premium cocktail,  the only thing you need to provide is ice and we can enjoy a twist on some famous classics.

Order now and enjoy the versatile world of rum, or order for your loved ones, provide them with this unique experience