Master Class Quorhum

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Discover the entire Quorhum range from the Oliver & Oliver master blenders, a heritage starting its roots in Cuba, the Quorhum range is a testimonial of how the art of blending can create real superb rums.

This series of rum, distilled on a base of sugar cane sirop and molasses has been Solera matured in two types of cask, including American oak and French oak. One can say that the Spanish rum tradition meets the French and has created a hybrid, with an unmatched fullness and complexity.

Please meet the family and enjoy

  • Quorhum 12 Años
  • Quorhum 15 Años
  • Quorhum 23 Años
  • Quorhum 30 Años
  • Quorhum 30 Oportho Finish
  • Quorhum 30 Cask Strenght

The tasting class covers the rich history of the Oliver’s family and the Solera aging technique. Join and find your favorite Quorhum rum.